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i knew the first day we met.. i saw you and stand next to you. you ask me if  iwould like to have a date with you and i did i saied yes.. after three times i fell in love with you and on 2012.07.14 you asked me if i will be your girlfriend♥ i saied because you were all for me and youre still the one for me. i such love you since our third date and i cant forget you. you was my first boyfriend and youre still the one i wanna back. when i see you i wish i could get you back and that you would still love me like i you but you dont speak with me.. you look at me like a kid that knews me but dont wanna speak with me cause im a stupid blonde ugly girl.


last year you saied to me:

i allways will love you.

never wanna leave you cause youre all for me.

i never will met a prettier girl than you.

youve changce my life.

when you smile at me i could cuddle the whole world.

i knew the day you send me this picture and you was telling me about how stupid your best friend ist and how much he means to you. and that you hate this picture because you think that you look ugly at it. but you dont youre perfect at your way you dont ugly youre the prettiest boy i ever met you are the smartest boy anyway  and i am still in love with you and i wish you would love me to..♥

 i love the picture because its still you and your way♥

15.12.13 20:06


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