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its been worlds between to love someone or to hate them!♥

♥  when I was 14, my dad saied to me, that on one day I will fall in love with the one boy forever. And he was right! I found last year this ohne, but I lost him.. I wont anny boy as my boyfriend, only him. I see him often in the city. He is the brother from my best friend. In his eyes, I see, that he doesnt love annymore and that hed doesnt like to speak to me annymore, but its okay.. It hurts me.. I hate my self.. He will allwayes be all for me.
~♥~ 14.07.12 ~♥~

16.12.13 22:28


good night♥

the first time you have slept at the weekend at my home i knew we never have slept we have played ps3 and on saturday i fell asleep next to you and when i was waking up you lay at my side holding your arm around my waste♥ you are so sweet when you sleep please never forget me and the time we had i would do everything to get you back.. you still know that i never have stoped love you! and i know that you such a wonderfull person at my side at everybodys side.. i didnt saied to you that i will leave the town when i have end my school. i cant see you anymore so happy without me.. i go to dance at the stuttgart ballet and never see you again.. if i will miss you? sure you are everything to me and you know it but maybe i can life without you when i have left the town. i hope for you that you will finde a nice and pretty girl that will love you as much as i do and i hoe for her that you dont wanna leave her!♥

 good night my love.. good night everybody♥

15.12.13 21:41

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